Why You Should Eat Dessert Every Day

Why You Should Eat Dessert Every Day
Elixor DDO

How many times have the health freaks around you told you to ditch dessert?  I guess you have lost count. While some people believe that feasting on desserts is unhealthy, the truth is that when eaten in moderation, desserts are actually healthy.

Therefore, if you are one of those “health-conscious” people who crave smores, chocolates, strawberry cakes, and other types of desserts but feel guilty at the mere confession of your cravings, we have got some good news for you.

Eating desserts doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your health. Instead, it only means that you have got a good sense of what you want and can honor your cravings without overindulging.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider eating a moderate portion of dessert every day.

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It Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Scientific research shows that a few bites of chocolate every day could significantly lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

A study conducted at Harvard University revealed that people who consume a small portion of dark chocolate every day tend to lower their risk of developing high blood pressure.

This is because chocolate is rich in cocoa and also packs a high concentration of flavonoids. The two nutrients offer anti-inflammatory effects and boost your immune system.

Dessert Improves Your Mood

Another reason why you should consider ordering a portion of dessert when you visit your favorite West Island restaurant is that it boosts your mood.

Research shows that a lot of people out there turn to a box of chocolate or apple pie on a “bad day” to feel good. It means there is still some hope left in the world.

Nothing can give you pleasure and satisfaction than eating your favorite dessert. And the feeling you get is vital to your overall well-being. Constantly denying yourself such simple pleasures can make you feel sad in the long-term.

It Can Improve Your Health

Although this is contrary to the popular opinion out there, there is more to it.  Giving yourself the freedom to enjoy a small portion of dessert every day allows you to eat a more balanced diet that leads to better health.

Sometimes, defying common food rules can release significant amounts of stress from your daily life leading to a considerable improvement in your overall well-being.

It Satisfies Your Cravings

If you must have your cake or chocolate, it is fine. Typically, when you put strict rules and restrictions on something, you will only want it more. That is human nature, and there is nothing you can do about it.

When you stick to the “rules” and avoid desserts, you will most likely overindulge when you finally decide to break loose. Instead of waiting to reach that point, try to focus on portion control, which means only consuming recommended daily portions of dessert.

It Can Limit Your Sugar and Fat Intake

If you prepare your own desserts at home, you can always substitute some ingredients for healthy options. You can also reduce the amount of sugar added to your desserts and toss in healthy options such as butter, oil, and nuts. In fact, home-made desserts can satisfy your dessert cravings in the healthiest way possible.