Great reviews throughout 2019!

Great reviews throughout 2019!
Elixor DDO

We would like to thank all of our patrons that have left us great reviews throughout 2019 and look forward to serving you in 2020!

Joshua Morris – Google Review

Amazing restaurant to go with your friends and family. Staff are truly welcoming and kind and will serve your food needs. Food comes up fast upon order as well as price and portions are perfect!

Serguei Dmitriev – Google Review

Elixor is known for its high-end quality food and its great veriety. Prices are democratic. When in doubt — go to Elixor. Never disappoints.

Elaine Robb – Facebook Review

Great atmosphere . Nice decor . The best cheesecake

Emile Chidiac – Facebook Review

Excellent food, excellent service, excellent atmosphere and decor. My favourite restaurant in West Island.

Hagop Koushian – Google Review

Nicely portioned plates, chef’s special was delicious with balanced seasoning and was just enough not to feel sleepy eating a lot or hungry eating small.

Servants were friendly and polite, interior is cozy but nothing special, price is just about right as well.

Overall it was a great place, I’d definitely come back again to try another chef’s special for a healthy and delicious meal.

Javier Eduardo Vargas – Google Review

The preferred restaurant of my son. Great environment, amazing menu and is not expensive. If you want to try something new this is a great place to start! It’s family friendly or will work for a romantic dinner. Plenty of delicious dishes and providing a great service this place will guarantee a great time.

Julie Marie Collette Berube – Facebook Review

Dined here for the first time this evening. We honestly did not take into account what time it was when we arrived and definitely overstayed our welcome. Our server was professional and never once made any reference to the fact that the restaurant was technically closed as we sipped our tea/coffee. The food was delicious. Very satisfied customer. Thank you.

Maria B. – Yelp Review

In the past week I’ve eaten at Elixor twice because they are just that good. While trying to figure out where to eat we stumbled to the West Island and this was one of the first places we saw.

When we arrived they had there lunch menu going but you could always order from the full menu. I decided to go with the chicken with avocado crema. This thing blew my mind it was a chicken breast topped with veggies and cheese and salsa and then a creamy avocado sauce. It was delicious. With the lunch menu you also get the option of having a soup or salad I opted for the salad and have never had a salad this big and tasty as a starter. And to finish off you get coffee or tea and it isn’t any water down stuff or anything !

Apart from delicious food the decor in the building was really beautiful and the staff was helpful accommodating and funny. If you’re ever stuck and don’t know where to grab lunch this is a must eat spot.