5 Unique Aphrodisiac Foods to Fall in Love With

5 Unique Aphrodisiac Foods to Fall in Love With
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If you are anything like most of us, coupling love with delicious food is a no-brainer. However, not every kind of food that comes your way is good for your love life. Some foods are classified as aphrodisiacs for a wide range of reasons: they encourage blood circulation, boost energy, trigger the release of endorphins, and promote that general feeling of happiness and wellbeing.

The belief that certain foods can enhance love life can be traced back to ancient times. Over the years, scientific research has proved that specific nutrients and compounds found in these foods play a critical role in blood circulation, energy metabolism, and neurological function.

So, what should you be eating at home or ordering in your favorite DDO restaurant to enhance your love life?


The heart plays an essential role in your love life- after all, love comes from the heart. Therefore you need to ensure that you take good care of it.  One of the best ways of boosting your heart health is by incorporating omega-3 rich foods such as salmon in your diet.

Apart from replacing the unhealthy fats in your daily diet with healthy cholesterol, omega-3s also have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect that reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack. Consuming plenty of Salmon also helps your brain to secrete serotonin which reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression, and also improves cognition.


For many years, almonds have been symbols of fertility. In the Christianity faith, almond branches are used to depict the virgin birth of Jesus and also serve as a symbol of his mother, Mary.

Many people also believe that the sweet fragrance of almond flower and almonds arouse passion in women. Furthermore, almonds aren’t only sweet tasting but also sweet smelling and can be prepared in approximately 30 minutes- isn’t this a great way to get things going when you don’t have much time?


Ancient Romans believed that these spicy greens are a potent aphrodisiac and that explains why they mostly used them in love portions and to enhance fertility. While arugula may not have the romantic power per see, but it contains lots of healthy nutrients that will do your body good.

Make sure that you order arugula frequently when eating out in your favorite DDO restaurant since it contains lots of vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and carotenoids that boost your overall body health.

It also contains glucosinolates that improve your immune system and helps prevent cancer. The good thing about arugula is that it pairs well with a wide range of other foods.


A flawless little red heart that Mother Nature offers you to keep your love life going, strawberries have been considered aphrodisiac since the ancient Roman era. In fact, some people believe that if you cut a strawberry in half and share it with an individual of the opposite sex; you will fall in love with each other.

Strawberries provide vital vitamins and minerals needed to keep the fire burning. They also improve blood flow, and when combined with chocolate, they can help you get that ultimate desire.


Chocolates are universally acknowledged as the ultimate food of love. It is always an excellent gift to give to your loved one. You will know that it is a good chocolate bar when it is dark brown, breaks easily and is also devoid of any petite burst bubbles or lumps.